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About Penelope Locke


My name is Penelope Locke and I am excited to teach you about the amazing language of canines. Learning this language is necessary to live in harmony with our companions and help them reach their potential. Fortunately for us, canine language is universal; Every dog speaks the same language.

Dog trainer in Petaluma, Penelope LockeMy own journey started in 1995 when I adopted my first dog from Golden Gate Labrador Rescue.

Jordan was a sweet, gentle 2-year-old yellow Labrador. He became my constant companion. But while he excelled in obedience classes, he barked fiercely when people came to our front door. Nothing we did deterred him. In an effort to help, my father sent me a copy of “The Dog Listener” by UK-based canine behavior specialist, Jan Fennell.

Reading Jan’s book opened my eyes to understanding Jordan’s key needs. Since I was failing to provide guidance for him, his only choice was to take care of things himself. By using Jan's techniques consistently, Jordan's behavior began to change. In time he no longer sounded the alarm when visitors came to call.

This was a turning point for me. I decided to learn everything I could about the language of dogs.

After studying with Jan for five years, I launched my own teaching business, All About Canines. My approach incorporates skills I have learned not only from mentors and training professionals, but also from helping many different dogs along the way. What I teach honors the dog, is positive and smart, and will enhance every relationship between dog and owner. My goal is to help you achieve the happiest, and most peaceful life with your dog/s. Let me help you!