Penny Locke
(415) 798-0223
Petaluma, California

Services (2017 RATES)



I will observe you and your dog interacting in your home environment, and teach you simple protocols to affect positive change in your dog's behavior. Together we will discover and address the behaviors at their source
RATES: $80/hr. or a one-time
FLAT RATE of $600 which includes life-time follow-up by email, phone or in-person as needed


I will observe the dog and provide a written evaluation of his/her behavior. A Recommended Plan of Action will be provided. RATE: $85/hr. *Average evaluation time: (1) hour. IN-HOME CARE: I will care for your dog(s) in your home when you have a long day away.
RATE: $40/hr. *Travel fees may apply.


Overnight guests are accepted after evaluation by Penny. Accommodations include a heated & air conditioned dog barn; private barn, or in my home depending on the guest's need. I offer multiple large fenced yards with lots of space to play and rest. Dogs that do not enjoy the company of other dogs can be separated (limited availability for this). Bring your dog's food medications and supplements. All guests are cared for as if they were mine.
RATE: $65 per night (single dog)
$100 per night (2-dog family rate)
$150 per night (3-dog family rate)


This 10-day boarding program is an opportunity for your puppy to begin conditioning using the approaches I teach. I will work with him/her on things like house training, biting, jumping up, bathing, riding in the car, crate training, and basic manners. Play/learning time with my adult dogs may be integrated into the program depending on the puppy’s age, size, and personality. Owners are encouraged to visit during their puppy's stay and learn basic principles that will help you and your dog thrive at home. The program includes a home consultation and life-time follow up via email, phone, or in-person as needed.
RATE: $2000