Penelope Locke

UK - 07846 756555 - US - 415-798-0223
UK - Dartmoor, Devon - US - Sebastopol, California

Services (2018 RATES)


When doing an in home consultation I will observe you and your dog interacting in your home environment, and teach you simple protocols to affect positive change in your dog's behavior. Together we will discover and address the behaviors at their source.
When doing a phone consultation we can discuss situations and I will recommend protocols to use to remedy the problem.
RATE: UK: £40/hr. - US: $80/hr. or a
FLAT RATE: UK: £500 - US: $700
which includes life-time follow-up by email, phone or in-person as needed


I will observe the dog and provide a written evaluation of his/her behavior. A Recommended Plan of Action will be provided.
RATE: UK: £65/hr. - US: $85/hr.
Average evaluation time: (1) hour.


I will care for your dog(s) in your home when you have a long day away.
RATE: UK: £30 for 1 visit, or £50 for 2 visits in one day.
RATE: US: $40 for 1 visit, or $60 for 2 visits in one day.
Travel fees may apply.

Dates for US in-person consultations - email or call for appointments

December 7 - 17, 2018
April 10 - 18, 2019