Penelope Locke

UK - 07846 756555 - US - 415-798-0223
UK - Dartmoor, Devon - US - Sebastopol, California

Services (2019 RATES)


I will observe you and your dog interacting in your home, where they are most comfortable. We will discuss the issues and concerns you have, and I will teach you protocols and a general mind-set which is conducive with training your dog to be well behaved and a great companion.

RATE: UK: 40/hr. - US: $80/hr
or a
FLAT RATE: UK: 500 - US: $700
which allows for on-going support, via email, on-line, & in person (local clients).

These services are by appointment, a minimum of 1 hour long. Please use the contact form to communicate with me. I will then get back to you to suggest using Facebook Messeger or Whatsapp who provide free video and voice calls all over the world.

Dates for US in-person consultations - email or call for appointments

April 10 - 22, 2019